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Mastering is a critical step to making your product sound great on all sound systems- car stereos, homes, TV surround shows, walkmans- regardless of where you listen, a well mastered product should sound great everywhere.

Mastering is only as good as the engineer and their familiarity with their room.

Our control room was designed from the ground up with proper "translation" to other environments in mind, and our experience (over 20 years ) in mastering for a wide variety of styles ensures that your project will sound great in and out of our studio.

Whether  you're  looking for that extra "finishing touch" to your CD or trying to digitally enhance an old cassette or reel to reel tape, we can improve upon the audio quality of your material with our mastering services.

 email or call us at 
(916) 424-8772 to schedule a tour to see (and hear) for yourself.

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